Are you looking for something new for your Springfield wedding? We have you covered!
No cheesy radio dj voice here. We are full-time 24/7/365 event DJs.
This is our only job. And we do it for you!

We create fun, memorable, moments for our clients. You are the star of the event! We make you the life of the party! We supply the beat. (get it? musical beat – DJ humor)

We pride ourselves on being unique and better than any other event or wedding DJ company. “Average” isn’t in our dictionary. We’re passionate, talented, and insanely creative professional entertainers.

We are real Pro DJs with real backgrounds in nightlife, music production, and professional mixing.
That means no cheesy audience interaction, No pre-made playlists, or any other outdated gimmicks/techniques.
When we are not live at an event we are in the studio further practicing our pro skills.

For us, every event is different. That’s something you learn when you’ve been hosting the best Springfield weddings for as long as we have.

We want to give you the day you always imagined. With all the style, excitement, and event perfection you’ve dreamed of.

Let’s talk soon about your Springfield Illinois Wedding DJ and Photo Booth options!