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Crafting Memories Through Music

314DJ infuses every event with music’s magic, making each moment an unforgettable part of your story

Our Journey and Passion

Bringing Events to Life Through Music

From weddings to poolside parties, we believe music’s universal language unites and ignites joy, bringing everyone together to move to a beat.

About You, With 314DJ

Crafting Uniqueness

With experience, we make your event shine—whether refined or high-energy. You enjoy a stress-free day as we infuse fun and memories into your event. As professional St. Louis DJ , we give our all to every client and occasion.
You are our biggest fan.

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Let’s Make Magic Happen

Your Dream Event Awaits

Embark on a journey to transform your event into an extraordinary experience. Reach out now to craft memories that resonate for a lifetime



We have Many Up Lights to get your event glowing any color you choose!