Can’t Stop this Grand Entrance

Justin Timberlake‘s new single is a hit, and you can bet you’ll hear it at many Missouri weddings!

The singer dropped his newest track “Can’t Stop the Feeling” off the Trollsmovie soundtrack and it’s the feel-good anthem that you’ll be blasting with your friends for the next few months. With it’s upbeat melody and his amazing vocals (especially when he hits that falsetto in the chorus!), there’s no stopping your body from dance, dance, dancing to the beat.

Seriously, we have already had wedding parties choreographing routines for the reception grand entrance with great success! This is the absolute perfect song to dance into and get the whole room jumping in tune! Just imagine the applause when your bridal party dances into this instant classic hit!

If you are looking for that perfect entrance song this is it. We also have an instrumental on file to blend in so we don’t have to speak over the vocals.


Check out the video here: