Step and Repeat Red Carpet Service

What’s the hottest new trend for local events?

Giving your guest the Red Carpet treatment.

Wedding Step and Repeat 314DJ

Step & Repeat Red Carpet Service

trendy addition to weddings and special events these days is a Step & Repeat. As your guests walk into your venue they will approach our red carpet and velvet ropes. Here, our photographer will be waiting for them to take a picture in front of your customized backdrop. All pictures will be printed in a 4×6 print and your guests will be able to pick them up later in the evening.

Step and Repeat Missouri


  1. Photographer for event time
  2. Custom backdrop
  3. Red carpet
  4. Stanchion Ropes
  5. 1 4×6 print of each picture. Upgrade to 5×7 or 6×8 prints




Bring that Hollywood Phototainment feel to your event!





Perfect for market branding, event promotion, weddings, sweet 16, fashion show, etc.