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Sing Your Heart Out, And Create a Fun and Memorable Experience At Your Event

If you have a wedding coming up, you want it to be memorable. There are many things you can do to make this happen; however, if you are looking at karaoke, there are many things to think about.

If you are considering karaoke as an option for your wedding reception because your DJ offers it, you are most likely the type of bride and groom who really want a party-feel and for your guests to have fun. You probably want to start off your marriage with something memorable. However, “with karaoke comes great responsibility.”

Your first step is to decide if karaoke is your key attraction (agreed on by both the bride and groom) or something you would like to include in addition to the dancing to spice up your reception.

Spice Up Your Party

If you are seeking to simply spark up the dancing, you may consider specifying one or two 20-minute performance times for your guests to perform during your reception. Remember, if you plan on dancing, stopping frequently during the reception to let someone sing is not going to promote a dance-able atmosphere.

With the karaoke performance segments occurring only a few times during the reception, you will not need a full karaoke host with a huge library. Instead, you should be fine with our karaoke classics add-on package that includes several hundred of the most popular karaoke songs, plus the karaoke equipment.

A Full-Scale Karaoke Wedding

If you really want a great deal of karaoke entertainment and don’t plan on a great deal of dancing – it just gets in the way of the performers – then you will need our fully hosted karaoke package that includes one of our karaoke hosts and complete karaoke library with over 20,000 thousands songs old to new.


A Full-Scale Karaoke Party

Perfect for any occasion – We can bring out over 20,000 Karaoke hits, Both wired and wireless microphones, and monitors for words. For fun or competition – Karaoke is always a hit!

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