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Proper Placement of Music for Your St Louis Wedding Ceremony & Reception

Proper Placement of Music for Your Wedding Ceremony & Reception

When planning wedding ceremony music, one of the most common questions wedding planners receive is, “How many songs do I need and where should they go?” The answer to that question varies, simply because there is no wrong way to go. There are some guidelines to follow when placing music within a wedding ceremony. One sample program is included below:


Sample Wedding Ceremony Program

Prelude – The music played in the prelude is usually instrumental.

Processional – Whether you choose “Here Comes the Bride” or another accompaniment as you march down the aisle, your processional will announce your arrival. All in attendance will stand as you make your way toward the center point.

Poetry/Scripture Readings – If you choose to include this optional segment, you might consider having a soft instrumentalist playing in the background. A harpist, string quartet, organist or pianist would work well here. Most brides use the same instrumentalist who played during the prelude for the readings also.

Unity Candle/Soloist – A popular practice in a wedding ceremony is to light a unity candle. The bride’s parents and the groom’s parents each light separate candles. Then the bride takes one candle, the groom takes the other and they simultaneously light a new candle symbolizing the union of the two families.

Vows – There are several places within the exchanging of vows where a soloist could sing a song. Before the vows, after the vows or before the rings are all practical and acceptable places for a soloist to sing.

Recessional – The part of the wedding ceremony you’ve been waiting for! Congratulations! You’re husband and wife. Of course, you’ll need music to leave by. The same principles apply to the recessional as did to the processional. All in attendance will stand as you make your way out of the gathering place.


These are only recommendations, you are free to add or remove any activities. Plan your day to your needs.

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