Photo Booth Cleaning

Our method for Cleaning Every Photo Booth Rental Prop

Here is our multi-layer routine for photo booth rental cleaning:
Step One: We keep them stored in a container with anti-insect properties around to keep them away while not in use. As well as the building they are stored in is safe and clean. And we use Environmentally-Friendly Insect Repellents in the area around to keep any pest away.
Step Two: We spray them before the event with Bacterial Fighting Ingredients For Continuous Protection during events.
Step Three: During an event, we monitor the items and remove or swap out any item that has become soiled or dirty.
Step Four: Right after an event, we spray any prop that was used, or not and ensure they are clean and dry before being stored between uses.

This process is also done to our own table and computer equipment that is touched by guests. Additionally, our staff uses wipes and sanitizer during the event to keep clean.

The products we use are;
Lysol Disinfectant Wipe Products | Lysol®
Microban 24 Products – For 24-hour protection during an event.

If any of these products pose an allergy problem please let us know and we will use a cleaning method you are familiar with prior to your event.

This same process is done for our Keyboards, DJ Console, All Microphones, Microphone Wind Screen (External Wind Screens are 1-time use only)

We are a Midwest Missouri photo booth rental company that cares about the cleanliness of your photo booth rental equipment, we go the extra mile to keep you and us safe.

By 314DJ Event Services

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