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Missouri’s Premier Entertainment Service Sound System The Bose L1

While speakers are not often on a client’s list of things to be concerned with, I thought I would share some news of a serious sound upgrade I have made for the new year.

We invested in the Bose L1 Model II system, an award-winning sound system that replaces conventional monitors, mixers and PA speakers. The system’s breakthrough Cylindrical Radiator® loudspeaker produces wide, uniform sound coverage on-stage and throughout an audience of up to several hundred with little dropoff in volume and tone.

What makes the L1 line array so different begins with the shape. Each L1 system contains a column of many closely spaced drivers mounted in a tall, slim enclosure. This unusual design has profound effects on the sound.


Because of its shape, the L1 system projects sound waves that expand out and to the sides, but sends very little up and down. Sound spreads more evenly across the stage and into the audience, and the sound level drops off much more slowly than from a conventional speaker.

Enjoy BOSE Sound for a Premier Entertainment Service Experience

So, what does that mean for you?

It greatly improves the quality of the sound and allows me to amplify the music enough to saturate the room with sound, without causing complaints that it is “too loud”.

During cocktail hour and dinner, your guests will be comfortable enough to have meaningful conversations at their tables without feeling the need to raise their voice, and still be able to hear the music anywhere in the room.

When the dancing time begins, the sound is not only sent out over the crowd, but is also sent through the dance floor. The difference is unmistakable.

Coming from the old school of thinking (bigger speaker cabinets are always better), I was significantly skeptical about making the investment in this premium sound system, but after owning it for a over 100 events, I can safely say:

Wedding receptions will never sound the same again.


Upgrade your package and enjoy BOSE Sound for a Premier Entertainment Service Experience!


(We also have normal DJ and Stage Speakers Too for a complete package!)

By 314DJ

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