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How many Up Lights do I need for my Missouri event?

How many Up Light?  Great question.

The “official” recommendation is to space each LED Up Lighting approximately 6-12 feet apart. Each light is going to illuminate roughly a 3 to 4 foot area of wall (width). The more lights you use the closer you can put them together and the more color, light, and brightness you’ll get.

Questions to ask yourself to help determine how many up lights to use: 

1) Do you want to light the whole room or just a specific area?
If you’re trying to stick to a budget, keep in mind that you don’t have to light the entire room to get a cool effect. Maybe focus your lighting on just 1 wall? Or just specific areas? Maybe under just one table? Or just use a couple as a nice accent effect. Lots of possibilities and color options make it easy to be creative.

2) How big is the room?
You don’t have to break out the tape measure or figure out the exact square footage, just take into consideration what you are lighting. Is it a large gymnasium that can pack in 2,000 people? Is it a banquet room hosting a wedding for 200-300 guests? Maybe one room at a private residence where you plan to have a dinner for 10-20 of your closest friends? The bigger the room – the more lights you’ll need.

3) Are you looking to wash the entire room with color, or are you envisioning more of an accent effect?
Again, more lights means you can put them closer together which gives off more glow.


A guide for some common uses:

An “up lighting” effect can really set the mood at weddings and other special events! Light up the whole room for a dramatic and elegant effect. For a 100-300 person wedding, you’re looking at 16-30 lights.

Lighting stages for dance recitals, music performances, bands, comedy shows, and small concerts is a very popular use of our rental event lighting. If you’re looking to light a small to average sized stage, Somewhere in the range of 4-12 lights should do the trick.

Another common use for LED lighting is businesses who want to showcase their area at trade shows. A business may get a 6 or 8 foot table sized area to showcase at an event. 2-3 lights would add a nice attention-grabbing effect for a very affordable cost.


Q. Do I have to hire the DJ Service to rent Up Lights for our event?

A. No, we rent out just the up-lighting for St Louis area events. Any event Big or Small, give us a call or email with some details for the venue or room size, or even your idea and we will work with you to get it done. We will even help with with set up and delivery if needed. How many lights do you need?


LED Technology improves all the time and as it does we invest in more lights, new lights, better lights! We love lights and wow do these new lights put out massive amounts of color. Some of our lights can put out over 16 million colors and you get to pick!


I understand up lighting, but what is Down Lighting?

Down Lighting is the process of using standard ceiling can lights, and placing our LED lights in them. You can control the color and effects of our Down Lights by remote control even after they are in place.

Another option to down lighting accent spot lighting; we have powerful battery powered lights that can be mounted to any metal surface with magnets. This can add warm lights to a cake or centerpiece. Both Dimmable and positionable these lights can add that special something you’re looking for.

With so many color options available (16 Million!) We have a simple little chart here that are the most common choices. When telling us a color please use this chart. When we program our Up Lighitng we use the R,G,B Values (Reg,Green,Blue) Our uplighting effects also use A,W,UV Values (Amber, White, Ultra Violet). With this system we can get almost ay color you want.
Here is our chart: Custom Color Picker

Our St Louis DJ service extends from all St Louis City and County, Jefferson County, & Washington County and into Illinois. Call one of our DJ planners at 314-744-WEDJ to arrange your event with us. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, school dance or bar mitzvah, we’ll take care of all the details so you can enjoy your St Louis event to the fullest.

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