Guest Music Request Area

Music Request System

If you are a quest for one of our upcoming events please use this area below to login and add your song request.
We take into consideration what request are appropriate for an event.
*Please read disclaimer below*

(Guest PLEASE NOTE: If the above button link does not work please try this one:BACK UP GUEST AREA )


****Disclaimer: We reserves the right to remove and/or refuse any track or request that has inappropriate lyrics, content, or does not match the criteria given by administrators, clients, venues, and/or event coordinators. Please only request songs that are appropriate for the event and/or setting.*****

The guest request system will log users by an IP Address, if multiple users are on the same network connection these users can often be seen as one user. To fix this issue please encourage guest to use personal devices on different networks to allow a unique connection to the system.

You will have to have an event PIN or CODE from your event host to log in. Only your event host can give out a request pin.